Roof Repair Service Contractor in Stafford, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, King George and Surrounding Counties.

Think you need a new roof? Think again!

Repair or Replace? Did you know, in many instances, your roof can be repaired, saving you thousands of dollars in needless expenses. But many roofers will tell you that a replacement is needed because they can charge you more money for a complete roof replacement. In fact, most roofers don’t even touch repairs. All they want to do is go around slapping new roofs on homes, many times carelessly, which can void your manufacturer’s warranty.

Fletcher Constructions Roof Repair Crew = peace of mind and safety for you and your family! It is our goal to make sure that you rest well at night, knowing that you’ve got a good, reliable roof overhead. And know that you didn’t spend thousands of extra dollars unnecessarily to feel that way.


Our 17-point TipTop Roof Inspection

Chimney flashing
Missing shingles on roof
We’ll come and do a 17-Point TipTop Roof inspection that will show you any flaws your roof may have. Even if it’s been poorly installed, our 17-Point TipTop Roof inspection will point it out. Wouldn’t you rather save thousands of dollars now and know that your roof is going to keep you and your family dry for years to come?

Schedule your 17-point TipTop Roof inspection today!