If you have been thinking about adding a screened deck or enclosure, you might not know what to include in your new design. You may already have a screened enclosure that seems a bit bland and empty. We have some tips listed below that will help you turn that space into an escape from the rest of the world. Do not be afraid to get creative you turn these screened areas into new living spaces. Some families want to spend most of their time on a screened porch, patio, or sunroom, and others want to use this space for entertaining. Whether the enclosure is separate from the rest of the house or blends in with the adjacent rooms, you can add some special features that turn your screened room into a delight for your family and visitors.


What Design Elements Can I Add To A Deck?

You have a wide range of options when adding a deck to your home. You must design the deck to do what you do most often. If you entertain, think of entertaining guests and throwing parties. If you simply lounge and read while getting a tan, you should take those activities into account before adding anything. You can try:

  • Lighting—you may want to add lighting to the space that will help you enjoy the area at night. A light that hangs from the side of the house or lighting incorporated around the deck with the railings or stairs. You could add fairy lights to the pergola, or even add a hanging lamp on the pergola.
  • Built-in seating—you might want to add built-in seating around the edges of the deck. This is a good way to entertain large groups. You can bring out pillows for parties when you are lounging outside, and you might also want to add a built-in table that will accommodate the large groups you entertain. In some cases, you may also want to add a lounge chair that folds against the wall when they are not in use.
  • Stairs—stairs to and from the area are helpful because you may want to walk down to the pool, lawn, or patio. You can even cover the stairs to ensure that no one gets wet if it is raining. The covering for your stairs will add even more value to the house, and the stairs could be built in a way that adds architectural value to the house.
  • Railings—railings around the space should be made from mixed materials whenever possible. You can use nicer materials for the railing to improve the design of the space, and you can add a bit of color to the area that would not have been there otherwise.
  • Pergolas—a pergola is a shade installation that includes gaps or lattice in the exterior structure. You can get a pergola in a checkerboard style, or you might get one that has a much more open design. You can even hang grapes or vines from the pergola if you want to add a natural element to the design. This is a good way to add shade without turning the area into a covered porch.

What Elements Can I Add To A Screened Enclosure

If you want to make additions to an enclosed sunroom or screened porch, you can make the space into a living space that you can use most of the year. You can even use these rooms in the winter if they are designed for year-round use. Consider the options that are listed below as you try to turn this room into a place that your family can use every day.

  • Lighting—you can add proper lighting to the room that might include wall sconces, a hanging lamp, and a light attached to the ceiling fan. You can add lighting that attached to the exposed side of the house, or you could add lights on the floor. Some people might prefer to add lighting on the ceiling, or you could install lamps on the tables.
  • Electrical outlets—you should try to add electrical outlets to the room to make it more functional. You might want to bring a TV or entertainment unit outside, and they can be plugged in easily. Because the room has a proper roof, you can safely store these items in that room all year.
  • Ceiling fans—ceiling fans are very helpful when you want to keep air flowing in the room. You cannot attach this room to the central air in the house, but a ceiling fan will keep everyone comfortable when you are entertaining outside. You can also leave the fan running all day to ensure that air is flowing properly. This also ensures that you do not have a lot of hot air entering the house when you enter the room.
  • Motorized screens—motorized screens are useful because they ensure that the room can have natural light in the room. You can easily close up the room to obscure the view from the outside, and these screens can be embedded in the windows if you like. In other cases, you can use screens to open up the room completely and allow the wind to pass through.
  • Infrared heaters—infrared heaters are good for any family that wants to use the room in the fall or winter.

When you want to build a new deck, add a new enclosure, or add special features to these areas, you should give us a call at Fletcher Construction of Stafford Virginia right away. Our team in Stafford can help you choose the appropriate features for the room, and we will give you a free estimate for any design you choose.