Owning a home is one of life’s biggest and most important investments. It is also one of life’s most enjoyable investments since it provides great spaces for spending time with family and entertaining friends.

Outdoor Home Improvements Add-Ons

For homeowners in the Stafford area, improving or expanding the exterior space of your home can not only increase your entertaining and living space, but it will also increase the value of your home

There are several ways homeowners can build areas for enhanced outdoor enjoyment. One of the most popular and wisest investments is the construction of outdoor living spaces. These areas are usually defined as living space that features electricity, lighting, a roof, flooring, and some sort of screened enclosure.

In the world of construction and additions, outdoor living spaces have become one of the biggest home addition trends in the last decade. Outside living spaces offer homeowners the ability to enjoy the outdoors for more extended seasons and rain-filled days by providing a covered area protected from the elements.

Pets Concerns With Screened Patios and Screened Porches

For people who are considering building a screened area addition, there may be some concern over whether or not their pets can damage the screens or break out of the area. This question doesn’t have a blanket answer. Much of this depends on the type of pet you have, their size, and their personality.

In general, any dog or cat is capable of damaging screen materials. Older animals are less likely to attempt this. However, animals that have strong hunting or roaming instincts may be very inclined to try to climb the screen material, which can damage it. Dogs may also be inclined to dig at the area where the screen meets the floor in an attempt to get into the yard if they are trying to chase an animal such as a squirrel, cat, or bird.

However, for many Stafford homeowners who have screened porches and pets, it is a great area to let their pets out into a fresh air area that’s safe, and protected from the weather, traffic, and other animals.

Screened Enclosure Materials and Design

For pet owners who have dogs or cats that are a bit rambunctious, it is probably wise to design the space so that the lower portion of the walls in the screened area is made of a hardy material, such as wood or vinyl. This will offer better protection against screen damage and protrusions.


Still unsure if you should build a screened enclosure? Contact Fletcher Construction in Stafford Virginia about your concerns about your furry friends and how damage might be mitigated from the get-go.