Is your home improvement honey-do list growing by the day? If so, you may be questioning whether to tackle some of those items yourself or to call in the professionals. Check out some helpful tips on which tasks you can take on and which to leave to the professionals.


Tasks to Leave to a Professional Handyman


Sump Pump Replacement

If this device is not installed by someone with experience, it can malfunction and cause a flood in your basement. An experienced professional can choose an appropriate, quality sump pump that will work for your household. Also, a handyman knows how to properly adjust the pump’s float switch and can tell you how to maintain your sump pump, so it lasts as long as possible.

Toilet Replacement

Sometimes a toilet needs a simple repair while other times it’s best to replace the whole thing. A handyman is the best option for this task because it’s a dirty job. Your old toilet must be removed and some toilets can weigh 100 pounds or more! Replacing a toilet may seem like a DIY project, but one wrong step can result in leaking water and damage to your home. An experienced handyman knows how to properly install the wax ring mold beneath your toilet. The nuts, bolts, pipes and washers will go in the right places, so you have a working toilet with no leaks.

Garbage Disposal Installation

Installing a garbage disposal is another job that requires the help of a professional who is familiar with the various brands of disposals and how to put them in successfully. Plus, if you have an old garbage disposal that’s being replaced, you need someone who knows how to remove it without causing damage to the interior of your kitchen cabinets. Just think. You can leave the task of crawling under your kitchen sink to a professional who has done the job many times before!

Ceiling Fan Replacement

Replacing a ceiling fan can be a tricky task especially since a fan may be attached to a high ceiling. That makes this task both tricky and dangerous. A handyman has an appropriate ladder that allows him to reach the ceiling fan, take down the old fan and put up the new one in a safe manner. You can leave the wiring work, adjustments and balancing to an expert.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Avoiding this task is another risky proposition. A clogged clothing dryer vent can lead to a fire. So, call in a handyman to clean out the lint, dust and other debris in a safe way so the exhaust from your dryer can flow out from your home as it’s supposed to. This task requires the proper equipment to thoroughly clean a dryer vent without sending this dusty debris into your home.

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning the gutters is one of those necessary tasks that can be dangerous if you don’t feel confident about climbing onto a ladder. A handyman has an adjustable ladder that can reach the gutters on your home easily and allow him to reach inside to pull out the twigs, leaves and other debris that can stop water from moving down the gutter spout and away from your home.


DIY Tasks You Can Tackle Yourself


Painting a Room

Painting a room in a home is definitely a DIY task. Set aside time to get all of your materials and tape around the doorways, windows and baseboards before starting your painting work. This job can be tackled in a few days by a homeowner and you get to enjoy a beautiful new color in the bargain.

Changing the Hardware on Doors

A door handle, lock and hinges are all types of hardware found on a door. The DIY task of replacing door hardware is simple and can give your door a whole new look. Most hinges, handles and locks come with their own set of instructions for a DIYer to follow.

Replacing the Screen in Sliding Patio Door

The screen in a patio door can sometimes tear or otherwise take on damage. It’s a simple DIY task to buy a replacement screen, take out the damaged screen and put in a new one. Screen replacement kits with all of the supplies you need are easy to find in most home improvement stores.

Replacing a Toilet Fill Valve

A malfunctioning toilet is often the result of a worn-out toilet fill valve. This DIY task doesn’t take long to complete and can get your toilet working efficiently. Plus, there are many replacement toilet fill valves that are universal in size so it’s easy to find one to fit your toilet.

Replacing a Bathroom Faucet Screen

When a bathroom faucet screen has deposit buildup on it due to hard water, it doesn’t allow water to flow out easily. Replacing a bathroom faucet screen is an easy job that can be done by a homeowner within a couple minutes depending on how hard it is to unscrew the end of the faucet.


So, as you look at your honey-do list consider each task in an honest way. Do you feel comfortable climbing on a ladder, positioning pipes or hooking up a device in just the right way? Are you willing to take the risk of not completing a project properly, which can lead to further damage to your home or even your family?

Fletcher Construction’s handyman services in the Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania and Stafford areas can relieve you of tasks you’re not sure you can complete with success. We have experience with a variety of jobs both big and small as well as the skills and equipment to get them done to your satisfaction. Let us help you cross off some of those pressing tasks on your honey-do list. Contact us!