Have you ever seen squirrels or raccoons scurry across your roof? Do you know where they ended up? You’d better hope they aren’t invading the confines of your home. Every year, millions of people have issues with pest infestation in their homes. Many times people report issues with pests, such as bugs or mice, when it is easily noticed. But how often do you check your attic or roof for signs of pests? Probably not too often because it can be difficult or dangerous to inspect your rooftop, attic, or crawlspace. Common pests that enjoy making homes in attics include: squirrels, raccoons, bats, mice, opossums, snakes, birds, and cockroaches. It’s important to maintain the integrity and structure of your roof to prevent these pests from causing damage to your roof and home and most importantly to keep your family healthy and safe.

Holes in Your Roof:

The single most important course of action to prevent animals from coming into your home is fixing or reinforcing your roof barrier. Not only do holes in your roof welcome critters to your home, they also serve as an entrance for water to enter which could lead to mold growth. Therefore, it’s important to quickly remedy the situation.

  • Go up into your attic during a bright sunny day and see if you have any glimpses of light peeking through the ceiling. If you do, then you have identified a hole and an entrance for pests. Vermin can squeeze through extremely small holes, for example mice can squeeze through a hole the width of a nickel!
  • Inspect the roof from outside and check to see if any shingles are disturbed or out of place because this can be a sign of impaired roof integrity. Check pipes and areas around structures such as a fireplace to see if animals have chewed through structures.
  • If you see any roof damage give us a call to schedule an appointment, so we can quickly come out and fix it. And if you don’t feel comfortable getting on the roof and inspecting the structure, we can send one of our professionals to your home to inspect your roof.

Other Signs of Pests:

  • Animal Feces: If an animal is living in your attic, you will usually see presence of animal droppings. Animal feces are a health hazard and can bring disease and germs into your home. Immediate and proper removal of feces is extremely important, and we recommend calling a company that has the proper equipment and protective gear for removal.
  • Hearing Noises: If you hear sounds of skittering and rustling above your head when the house is quiet, you may have an unwanted visitor living in your attic. It can be difficult to catch many pests, and we recommend that you contact a pest control company to set the proper traps.
  • Chewed Cords, Wires, Wood: If you see bite marks on wood or the protected coating on wires damaged in your attic, then you have another sign of an animal presence in your home.

Once you have identified and removed the pests from your home, it is important to maintain the integrity and structure of your roof to prevent further pests from coming in. Here are some tips that we recommend to help your roof and attic remain critter-free:

  • Visually inspect your roof every 6 months
  • Visually inspect your roof if you have signs of a pest
  • Patch any holes noted in your roof
  • Put protective barrier screens on roof vents to prevent entry
  • Trim tree Branches that are close to your roof, to prevent easy access to your roof for animals
  • Remove trees that produce fruit and nuts that animals find attractive. If fruit/nuts fall onto your roof, that will encourage animals to nest nearby (and probably in your attic).

We wish you the best of luck keeping your roof and attic free of critters. And if you notice any damage to your roof or would like a roof assessment, then please visit our website or give us a call to schedule an appointment.